About the Rina M Bidin Foundation

Application Process.

The requirements of an application to the Rina M Bidin Foundation

The Foundation’s support is focused on mainly BC based (preferably already established or supportable) programs with the purpose of improving the future for children and youth. Ages range from birth to 24 years. Grants are restricted to organizations recognized by Revenue Canada as “qualified donees”. The Foundation seeks the neediest of children and youth around the province and is committed to ensuring First Nations children and youth are equally represented through the annual grant processes.

To make a request for funding please provide the following as well as any other information you feel is relevant:

  1. Organization name requesting funding and indicate who will be managing/providing programs.
  2. Organization address and phone number
  3. Organization Qualified Donee business number provided by CRA.
  4. Contact Person
  5. Description of Program/Proposal and how it will be delivered.  Explain needs of group/community, etc. as it relates to the program/proposal.  If this program/proposal is meant to complement existing programs/services please explain.
  6. Age of Children/Youth program/proposal is targeting
  7. Approx. number of children/youth and age ranges being targeted.
  8. Describe length or intended life of program/proposal.
  9. Budget