The Rina M Bidin Foundation has respectfully contributed to many worthy projects.


The Foundation funds programs focused on, but not limited to:

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Youth at Risk
  • Educational initiatives/programs and Bursaries
  • Health and Wellness including food and nutrition
  • Mental Health Initiatives
  • Culture and Language
  • Life Skills
  • Access to arts, sports


Life Skills Program in Youth Housing

Within a safe, stable housing environment in Vancouver youth are equipped through education and life skills training so they can break the cycle of poverty and gain the ability to live well and eventually provide for their families. As an example, youth are assisted in enrolling into school, assisted with school and assignments, assisted in seeking post-secondary funding and enrollment, they also learn about nutrition and cooking, laundry skills, organization and planning, time management, communication and even receive help in obtaining their drivers license.


Supporting Education

Upon visiting an alternate school, grades 6 to 12 in Coquitlam, B.C. the Foundation became aware that the school did not have, among other things, computers, shop equipment and musical instruments. The students of this school are among the most vulnerable kids living below the poverty line. The majority of the students are First Nations. Over a two year period the Foundation has provided funding for:

  • A computer lab consisting of computers/monitors/network switches, computer tables, misc items such as mice, memory cards etc. as required
  • Musical instruments
  • Tools for Shop Program
  • Food Safe Training
  • Driver training for students
  • 6 literature kits for English 9 and 10 allowing for solid educational programming


Kitchen Connection Programs/First Nations

Elders teaching children and youth. Cultural teachings for working in the kitchen including safe preparation and handling of food, nutritional teaching, budgeting, learning about the life cycle of traditional foods.