About the Rina M Bidin Foundation logo


The story behind the foundations logo


Designed and created by Tsa Qwa Supp & Tlaa'kwa

Designer and artist, Carmen Thompson humbly accepted the challenge of redesigning the existing Foundation logo to create one which spoke to the focus of First Nations Youth in BC.

I was honoured when Nina asked me to redesign the logo, and as I was sketching around the original logo I decided to incoroporate my father's artwork, so I took a sun from a print he had done, and reworked the lines to fit with the Foundation logo and then added the sun rays, which Nina had suggested.

As the logo was coming together, I knew this was the one. I have always loved my Dad's lines, and knew he would support the Foundations beliefs and standards. I always do my best to keep his art alive, and this is my way of respecting his work and providing a beautiful logo for the Rina M Bidin Foundation. I had fun with the redesign on the business cards and this new website.